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Welcome to the website.

Since my last database broke down sometime ago I was either too lazy to put it up again or maybe it was just a lack of time. Let us stick to that. Truth of the matter is, is some kind of painters block came up. Some bad vibes happened and I do not like to paint bad vibes. I had no more stories to tell with paint.

So, new studio, a lot of markers and pencils and a wonderful time at the beach inspired me to make my daily drawing. Thus the #montasessions appeared. A daily drawing with my old love: cartooning (sounds like a crazy sport).

Every morning, come sun or come more sun, after a baguette and croissant and sometimes with a remainder of last nights red wine (read: hangover), a lot of wonderfull peolple and some real PIA's, I got to work> Forget Yoga, meditation, start drawing. That does it to me.

So take a trip with me to the wonderfull beach of Montalivet while it was still a covid-low zone.

And why not take a little trip to my older paintings.

And yes, everything is for sale, so I can buy more paint, markers and paper. And meditate even more. Want something special? Shoot.

You can find me on Social Media (Instagram OEIOEI64) and on my facebookpages.